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10 Chinese Food You Must Avoid Because They Are Full of Pesticides, Plastic, and Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Most of the food that can be found in the US . It is imported from China. Chinese food is cheaper.

Take a look at the list of 10 foods from China to avoid!

1. Tilapia


About 80% of tilapia fish in the US It comes from China. These fish feed on the bottom and they will eat almost anything. With water pollution in China, eat anything raised in that water is completely insecure. In addition, no one knows what these fish are fed. 2. Cod

3. Apple juice

Over 50% of all apple juice has been sold in the United States comes from China. China is most famous for the use of toxins and harmful pesticides in their food, even those that have been banned by many governments. Therefore, the best option is to prepare a homemade apple juice of organic apples.

4. Fungi


About 35% of US processed mushrooms They come from China and like apples, the circumstances in which these mushrooms are grown are unknown, which is why it is so difficult to determine how healthy it is. So to stay safe, buy local mushrooms mushrooms.

5. The Chinese garlic


Over 30% of American garlic comes from China. As in the case of other products, garlic contains many harmful pesticides such as methyl bromide that are harmful to human health and should be avoided at all costs absolutely.

6. Chicken


When it comes to chicken, which is the same as mentioned with fish. China is plagued by avian influenza and food-borne diseases, so this makes feed and raise chickens in such pollution little risky for consumption.

7. Plastic Rice

Numerous reports have been sent stating that China is shipping rice is not really rice but the plastic rice instead! People have come to this conclusion after they cooked rice and was still hard. While others claim that the increase could be made of resin and potatoes, for now people are holding strong on the fact that I found plastic rice China. Stay safe, buy locally.

8. black pepper mud


Believe it or not, a Chinese supplier was caught selling mud as black pepper. a lot of people shocked even though it was a local problem was allowed, but in this case it is always better to play it safe.

9. Industrial salt


proposed Industrial salt is most commonly found in Chinese and American tables. The consumption of this salt can cause hypertension, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.

10. Green peas


Perhaps the most popular item of all is the problem with fake green peas. Chinese green peas have reported that soybeans with green paint tint. The chemical that is used as a bleaching has been known to be cancerous and the body’s ability to absorb interrupted calcium. These reports were made after green peas did not turn soft when boiled, and the water became green.


Source: www.davidwolfe.com

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