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10 Cancer-Causing Products That You Use Everyday!

The human body absorbs large amounts apply it to the skin in seconds, and this is confirmed by medical reasons.

Therefore, if we strive to promote good health and try to follow a healthy diet, consisting of certified organic foods, then hazardous compounds and chemicals are not an option when it comes to cosmetic products.

If we consider the facts, more than 10,000 ingredients are included in the personal care products we use, and at least 515 of them are used daily by the average woman.

However, the disturbing fact of all is that more than 90% have never been tested for safety, and found those who have been investigated, to contain the harmful elements that lead to birth defects, genetic mutations and Cancer.

As stated in a press release of the Coalition for Cancer Prevention dated June 17, 2002,

“Cancer experts and health risk just concluded reviews that conventional cosmetics and personal hygiene products pose the greatest risk of cancer from exposure to the general public, even higher than the of smoking.”

These are the most hazardous 10 carcinogens we use every day:


Deodorants include parabens, petroleum, aluminum and triclosan, which are toxins entering fat cells armpits and breasts and destroy the internal environment.

These ingredients are linked to cancer, and deodorants serious injury to the endocrine, metabolic and central nervous system.

However, you can use Nourish Organic deodorant cream with geranium or prepare a homemade with organic geranium essential oil and aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate.


Toothpastes contain color dyes, saccharin, fluorides, sodium lauryl sulfate, and propylene glycol, they have been found to cause neurotoxicity and cancer.

To avoid these effects, buy organic BR brushing rinse and add a drop of essential oil of organic mint or use thereof without fluoride, tooth paste nonchemical. There is another option, so you can use herbal tooth and gum powder Dr. Christopher.


In summer, 70% of women use a sunscreen under your makeup. However, these products include retinyl palmitate that supports the growth of cancerous tumors and lesions of the skin. Most sunscreens are harmful not protect skin cancer, and are loaded with toxins.

One of these is oxybenzone, which is known to be an endocrine disruptor. Moreover, several recent studies have found that exposure to appropriate sun is the best source of vitamin D and, in fact, prevents skin cancer.

Furthermore, EWG says that products with high SPF can not really be with high SPF, so do not waste your money on expensive products SPF. Instead, choose a sunscreen clear zinc, as Babo Botanical.

Talc powder

The main ingredient of talcum powder is magnesium silicate, and can often be contaminated with asbestos.Also, studies suggest that body powders can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

Therefore, you should use organic body Miessence dust or use the following safe combinations: Mix 1/4 cup kudzu root starch and rice flour 1/3 cup with 7 drops of essential oil organic lavender


The moisturizers

According to one study, topical application of moisturizers such as Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, Dermovan, Dermabase, or Vanicream may increase the risk of skin cancer. These products contain mineral oils, arsenic, ionizing radiation, and coal tars. Mineral oils have been linked to 23 different diseases and health problems.

Thus, instead of commercial moisturizers, using organic oil, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut.


lipsticks are highly toxic and contain lead, tar, formaldehyde, propylparaben, polypropylene, petroleum distillates, and more. Because advised buying organic lipsticks from the nearest health food store, like Ecco Bella.


Varnishes are loaded with hazardous chemicals to the environment, such as formaldehyde, shellac, denatured alcohol, propylene glycol, and phthalates. Its use can cause lung damage, as well as numerous chemical sensitivities.

we can suggest a certified organic product: hair balm Intelligent Nutrients


benzoyl peroxide

Topical application of benzoyl peroxide in treating acne and oily skin can increase the risk of melanoma. This compound has a strong promoter activity of skin tumors.

Instead, choose a less toxic and much safer choice: organic lemon or carrot seed essential oil



If you have ever smelled mascara, reminiscent of the strange smell, which many toxic chemicals that cause cancer is due. Mascaras are loaded with hazardous materials, such as aluminum, retinyl acetate, toxic polymers, petrolatum, fragrance, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, parabens and supporting aging ingredients.

First, you should always throw away the older masks 6 months. In addition, wear masks without organic perfume, as NVEY Eco Organic mascara.

Skin Creams lighting

skin lightening creams applied to the skin to treat hyperpigmentation and contain excessive amounts of mercury. In addition to its side effects, long-term results have not been confirmed.

You can schedule a diamond shell at the nearby spa to achieve desired effects in place.

We all fall into traps, as they struggle to achieve the desired look. Many popular products cause serious damage to your metabolism, hormones, and balance the skin.

However, although commercials for the newest cosmetic products can be quite attractive and promising, always make your health your priority and decide to try the healthier alternative.

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