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10 Best Exercises For Legs You’re Not Doing

Many women have complex because their legs. If you are unsure of whether to wear a dress cut favorite because of the appearance of the legs, start signing them using the following exercises:


leg exercises for women

1.Stand vertically. The legs must be with a period equal to the width of the hips. Extend arms forward at shoulder height, to maintain balance. Start squatting. Make sure your knees do not exceed the tops of the toes. The cylinder head must slow down, and back to keep straight.

Crouch small winery in this position for 5 seconds, then crouches little more, have 5 seconds and third time Crouch (back and upper legs should be parallel to the ground) and return to play in this for 5 seconds. While stretching upward, tighten the ass. Repeat this exercise 8 times.

The muscles of the head and thigh have the most benefit from this exercise.


leg exercises for women

2. Bend your knees slightly and lower the body to the left side. With the launch from the right leg in the air (see photo). Back in the first position and jump in place. Then repeat kick, and jump back into place.

Do 15 repetitions with 15 right and left leg.

In addition to the firm legs, this exercise will bring firmer rear and side of ABS.


best leg exercises for women

3.Stand upright and place hands behind his head. The legs must be in the width of the hips. Kneel to the point where knees form a 90 ° angle. Turn the upper body to the right side (as shown in the picture). Then jump. While the jump, turn your upper body to the left side. While jump, rotate the torso to the left side and standing on his legs in a kneeling position.

Repeat, alternating jumps (first left, then right) for a period of 20-30 seconds.

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This exercise will strengthen your leg muscles, back and side abdominal muscles.


best leg exercises for women

4. Open your legs in width hips, and stretch the hands forward to shoulder height. Your palms should be down. Squat to a position in which the knees form a 90 ° angle. Skip. As I jump, bring your knees to your chest and grab with your hands (see picture).

Repeat this exercise 20 times or do consistently over a period of 20-30 seconds.

This jump fun will help you frame your leg muscles and buttocks.


best leg exercises for women

5. Stand straight, and hand left holding the chair. Toes have to be directed outward. While the left hand holds the chair, stretching his right hand above his head and right leg straight to the side (see photo). Right leg start making circles.

do 10 rounds in the direction of clockwise and 10 in the opposite direction. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

In addition to the solid thighs, this exercise will help strengthen the butt and abdominal muscles.


best leg exercises for women

6. Stand up and take a big step forward with the left leg. Start descending down while the left knee is not an angle of 90 °, and on the right is above the ground (see photo). You can hold hands placed on hips freely along the body or keep small weights with them.Then without moving the right foot, replace left to original position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times with the left leg and 10 times with the right leg. In their desire, you can do this exercise with 20 repetitions alternating.

This exercise will help strengthen the thighs and buttocks.


best leg exercises for women

7. Kneel on the floor. Knees should be slightly larger range than the width of the hips and toes touching each other. Stretch your arms forward at shoulder height and fingers crossed. Tighten your abdominal muscles and start folding back everything you can and then straighten up. Repeat this 10 times.

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Then twist your body to the left and back while stretching back of the left hand on the floor again. Back back while the left hand does not touch the ground. Repeat this step on the other side with your right hand. To start making 10 alternating repetitions (5 left and 5 right).

This exercise strengthens the thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.


best leg exercises for women

8. Lie down on the floor, bend knees and lift. Stretch your arms on the floor beside the body. It should stand on the toes. Lift your left leg and straighten it as much as you can. Begin to lift the ass and then lower it.

repeat this 15 times, then switch legs.

This exercise will help strengthen the thighs, calves and buttocks.


best leg exercises for women

9. Stand on right leg his left foot is behind the right leg (see photo). Raise your hands above your head and start lifting the toes of the right foot. Hold for 1-2 seconds and lower the heel raised.

Repeat this with slow pace of 10 times, then do a series of 20 quick repetitions. Do the same with the left leg.

This exercise will help strengthen the thighs and calves.


best leg exercises for women

10. Stand up straight. Place your hands on your hips and toes move closer to each other. Start to rise on the toes. Keep raised two seconds, and then go down.

Repeat this 15 times. Do two sets of 15 repetitions.

This simple exercise will help frame the calves, and small-scale cylinder head and abdominal muscles.

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