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10 Bad Habits Causing Premature Aging

Premature Aging

Salt and pepper is no longer a hairstyle among the thirties, but a terrible sight that most people would like to avoid. This is due to the graying of over thirty years is a clear sign of premature aging and nobody wants to be old. However, premature aging means that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Now, while you are wondering what that “something” might be.

Here is a list of 10 reasons that cause premature aging:

Zero Figure diets

Avoid having a figure zero, unless you want to look like an old hag not even get a frugal meal. Excess fat is bad, but depriving your body of what is essential for normal function is worse. His facial fat is no exception and lose too much of it can lead to a gaunt and aged appearance. Sagging is another problem associated with the loss of facial fat. Another problem is that zero figures can not remain skinny dead all his life and tend to gain more weight once the diet ends figure zero. This extreme weight loss and increased skin stretch and this extends can also cause sagging. So while diet is healthy, do not overdo it.

Zero Figure Diets


If you do not want your cortisol break down collagen and causing sagging skin and wrinkles, then try to find a way to combat stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is released after he loses his calm. So if you have a short circuit or a Spitfire brand, then it can be a major cause for you to age faster than the rest. An easy way to overcome the temperamental problems is to test the laughter therapy. When someone really makes you angry, and then try to laugh in his face. It sounds crazy, but people get used to it around in a month or two.



Sleep is a of the best ways to repair damaged cells and give the skin its natural glow. Depriving the body of its natural defenses simply because a pat on the back from your boss does not sound like a good idea is needed. That too is not being fair to the rest of your body that may suffer from lack of sleep. Some serious health conditions associated with lack of sleep include stress, anxiety, clinical depression, etc … Lack of sleep can also affect your quality of work. So next time you are in a project, plan well and stick to it.

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water is needed for get your skin cells to function normally. This normal function includes the creation of new skin cells, repair damaged skin cells and washing of dead skin cells. That’s why it is essential to keep hydrated your skin stay young. More than 70 percent of the body is made of water. The skin cells, muscles and brain, even, which is the central nervous system are made primarily of water. So make sure you drink enough water despite the bad parts washing his office.

Take Plenty Of Water

chemical agents in skin

makeup is not so bad, but using heavy make up all the time certainly can damage the skin. The damage that can cause really make up can make you look much older than his age. Looking more does not necessarily mean wrinkles only. In fact the damaged skin cells added an aspect much for one person. So one can be a real damsel in a party with a little makeup, but one should not have to all the time. Also remove makeup before going to sleep is important. The same goes for facials and spa treatments, all of which contain chemicals. The chemicals used on your skin after all are chemicals. There are many natural ways to look good and can be easily found many simple facial scrubs and you can make and use at home.

Chemicals On Your Skin


Many people smoke because It helps them lose weight quickly, but end up with dark lips, wrinkles around the lips and bags under the eyes. Now it is a proven fact that people who smoke look older faster done. Cigarettes contain nicotine and can be confused with the oxygen level in the blood by decreasing the density of blood vessels. This reduced level of oxygen in the blood causes the skin to age faster and which in turn causes premature aging. Nicotine is not at all good for your overall health as it can be confused with a lot of functions, such as the production of collagen and blocks the supply of vitamins A and C to your body.

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Alcohol is bad for the skin and not complete for the body’s ability to absorb Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin a and vitamin C, all of which are essential to overcome premature aging. collagen production also decreases your body with alcohol because vitamins A and C are not being absorbed by the body. The worst thing is that alcohol does dehydrates the body and you can imagine what happens to the skin cells that have an inadequate supply of vital nutrients and also deprived of his elixir, water.

Limit Alcohol Intake

lack of nutrition

His body you need some nutrition to keep it going and if it is being blocked in some way, then that can lead to adverse outcomes such as premature aging. Alcohol and nicotine are two causes of such blocking of vital nutrients. One of these nutrients is vitamin A and helps regenerate cells and keeps the skin younger. Vitamin A deficiency can also affect the body’s natural ability to produce collagen, causing dry skin and cause dullness in the skin. Vitamin C is water soluble and your body needs a fresh supply every day to have a younger looking skin.

Lack Of Nutrition

The lack of moisture

Your body has the required humidity, but still depending on the weather you do need to find a way to stay adequately hydrated. Without your skin may become dry and can also cause skin aging. Regardless of the weather you need to make sure you are properly hydrated. If you live in areas with snow or colder regions, then choose an intensive moisturizer that is more effective is always better.

Lack Of Moisture

Lack of exercise

Your body needs a reason to sweat and that makes your skin look younger. Sweating is the reason they look good when you are just finished with a sauna. It also exerts ensure healthy blood circulation and is supposed to be good for the skin.

Lack Of Exercise

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