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10 Amazing Ways To Use Orange Peels

Oranges are the best natural sources of vitamin C. They are delicious to eat and are eaten as such, or are added to many dishes and desserts. are extremely good for your health because of its content of vitamin C, and are most beneficial to the skin as well . Every time we get close to an orange, just remove the shells and then consume the fruit.

orange peels

What to do with orange peels? Very often, once we finished eating the fruit part, just throwing orange peels in the trash. It’s a waste, because the orange peels can be used in a variety of ways at home. Orange peels have a pleasant flavor and can be added to many dishes to get the distinct citrus flavor of this amazing fruit. you can use them in many other ways, and save a little money. Orange peels can be used as deodorants, insect repellents, for the purposes, and many other cleaning purposes around your home. So, stop throwing it away and learn to use in different ways. Given here are some amazing ways in which orange peels can be used.

surprising how to use orange peels

natural deodorant

Orange peels have a strong flavor and can be used as a natural deodorant to freshen up the air in your home. boil some orange peels in a pot of water. can also add cinnamon and clove sticks to this mixture and boil for a while.

Natural Deodorizer

Your room will have a pleasant and fresh scent. You can also add some dried orange peel, mixed potpourri and place the container in your living room. You can get rid of the unpleasant smell in the dustbin by placing some orange peel at the bottom.

add to foods

add orange peel to food

Orange peels can also be used in the kitchen. Incredible true? Peel oranges adds a wonderful flavor dishes. It can be used in baking or cooking various foods and desserts. Orange peels are popularly used in hard candy. There are many recipes that orange peel is used. Check them out on the Internet and make good use of them. Orange peels contain a lot of fiber and are good for your health. So, add to your kitchen, and tea in which added an orange peel.

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clean your kitchen sink

Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Whenever the kitchen sink is dirty and viscous, scrub well using an orange peel. Take a new shell when the current one runs out. Orange peels contain natural oils that work as excellent cleaning products. All dust and dirt disappear, and the kitchen sink turn bright as new. Orange peels can also be used to clean porcelain sinks and bathtubs in their bathrooms. You will love the fresh scent, too.

Shine your wood furniture

Shine Your Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture tends to become boring after time and requires fresh polish. Well, you do not have to buy expensive polishes, or get the job done by a professional, never. Simply rub the white part of the orange peel on wooden furniture thoroughly opaque appearance. wipe with a damp cloth after, and loves the way her wooden furniture has become shiny and new.

fire starters

Fire Starters

Another incredible way in which you can use orange peels is to light the fire. Whenever a fire starts, you can use dried orange peels for this purpose. shells contain natural oils that are flammable and fire lights easily when you use them. Also, add dried orange peels your fireplace as this helps remove the creosote from the chimney. This way you can get rid of this odor, also corrosive substance.

Use as an exfoliant

Use As Exfoliating Scrub

can be prepared and inexpensive natural exfoliator using orange peels. Simply dried orange peels every time you consume oranges. Let the shells dry well in the sun for a couple of days. Run through a mill to a coarse powder. mix with milk or curd, and then gently rub the paste all over the body. This will help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin gently. Applied to the face, which will help get rid of pimples, blemishes and dark circles, giving a nice glow to your face.

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Keep the cat

Keep The Cat Away

If you are tired of your neighbor’s cat spoil your garden, and damage houseplants, you can use orange peels to help keep them away. really amazing, right? Yes, just keep some orange peels in several places in your garden or backyard. Cats do not like the strong smell of orange peels, and this will help keep them away. Rub fresh orange peels on the leaves of your houseplants in order to keep the cat away from them. Therefore, do not dispose of those orange peels, and use them for this incredible purpose.

Make your own compost

Make Your Own Compost

Instead of throwing orange peels, pick to make your compost itself. Yes, orange peels are rich in many nutrients and can be used to add value to the compost. add them to a compost pile and use this compost to the soil in your garden healthy and fresh. Your garden plants grow very healthy and beautiful if this fertilizer is used regularly. What an incredible way to use orange peels!

Ants Keep away

Keep The Ants Away

If you are concerned about the ants from entering your home, other amazing way in which orange peels can be used is to keep ants out. Add some orange peels and water in a blender and make a fine puree. Spray around your house to keep ants out. Oils of orange peel also helps repel ants and kill them. If you have an anthill in your garden that is bothering you, simply pour some orange peel mashed up the anthill to kill them.

Avoid mosquito bites

Prevent Mosquito Bites

Yes, you heard right! You can also use orange peels to avoid mosquito bites. Therefore, if you head outdoors, such as camping or picnic, bring some oranges with you. Enjoy this delicious fruit in your picnic, and use the shells to keep mosquitoes from biting . Simply rub fresh orange peels all over your skin. It will smell wonderful and repel mosquitoes as well as they do not like the smell of the oils in orange peels.

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